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Joseph Macchio

Joseph Macchio, is the author of The Orthodox Christian Conspiracy, lives in Arizona and is currently researching and writing another book on the esoteric history of planet earth. Joseph has a background in English and Education and is a graduate of Adelphi University.

Beginning in his twenties Joseph immersed himself in the study of Theosophy for several years which included studies of Gnostic doctrines. Later he became affiliated with The Summit Lighthouse, a modern Mystery School, and began studying the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, as published by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, which included training at Summit University.

Joseph helped inaugurate the New York City Teaching Center under the Summit Lighthouse, and as co-director he conducted classes, lectures and seminars on a variety of esoteric subjects such as how to contact the I Am Presence, the use of the violet flame and reincarnation. He later helped establish the Philadelphia Teaching Center.

Joseph also worked in the editorial dept. of Summit University Press, assisting with the indexing, research and publication of the best-selling book The Lost Years of Jesus and other books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. During this period he became increasingly intrigued with the real story of Jesus and his original doctrines, and began researching the Gnostic texts of the Nag Hammadi Library,early Christian Communities and uncovering the hidden teachings of Jesus relating to the pre-existence of the soul, reincarnation, karma, and the suppressed book of Enoch and other texts which revealed the presence of fallen angels and nephilim embodied on earth and their influence on the people of earth today, all of which had been suppressed by the Church Fathers.

His book is also a compilation of the research of other authors on these subjects, and contains information about Jesus' journey to India after the resurrection. It is essentially a history book tracing Christian-Gnostic and Orthodox doctrines from the author's point of view.

With the invaluable assistance of Stephen Macchio, Joseph's brother, the book was published in May of 2010. Joseph continues to write and to investigate the true history of Man on earth, his origin and destiny.


The Christian Conspiracy:
The Suppressed Teachings Of Jesus

Christian Conspiracy

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