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Jeane Manning

Jeane Manning is an award-winning author whose non-fiction books take you inside a dynamic international scene – a world of inventors, outside-the-box engineers and heretical scientists whose accomplishments have long been mis-labeled as “impossible free energy.” Their work instead is becoming recognized as New Energy, and is bringing very possible solutions to some of humankind’s big problems.

Jeane has been a social worker, newspaper editor, magazine writer -- and publicist for a theater troupe that traveled in gypsy wagons pulled by Clydesdale horses. She served on boards of directors for a new energy institute, an ocean-energy company and a geothermal company. She is now on advisory boards for the New Energy Movement (USA) and the Breakthrough Energy Movement ( Europe). 

As a journalist Jeane began researching the non-conventional energy scene in 1981. She traveled in 12 countries, interviewed many dozens of technical experts and attended more than 25 energy conferences to learn about systems that could replace oil, coal, gas and nuclear fission. Some of the emerging systems are intended to replace polluting technologies by tapping into a nearly-infinite source of clean energy known as the quantum vacuum or the background energy of the universe.

Jeane’s books are published in seven countries, starting with The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing; NY, 1996) and Energie (Omega Verlag; Germany). She co-authored several other nonfiction books including Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, co-authored with Dr. Nick Begich. She’s been interviewed by media on four continents and has been invited speaker at new-energy conferences in Europe and North America. Jeane wrote chapters for Dr. Finley Eversole’s vitally important new book and is looking forward to telling people about it.

Her own recent book, co-authored with scientist Joel Garbon, is Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World. It won a silver medal in an international competition , the Independent Publishers’ IPPY Awards, which had more than 4,000 entrants. Breakthrough Power was named 2009 Outstanding Book of the Year in the category “Most Likely To Save The Planet.”



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