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Keith Hunter

Keith M. Hunter is an independent researcher with degrees in Psychology and Sociology, who has delved into the mysteries surrounding the origins of sacred measures, and of the base-60 mathematical system of the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians. Keith has built upon and expanded the pioneering research of Bruce Cathie, examining the Earth Energy Grid Matrix, and has made critical breakthroughs over the past decade in decoding the esoteric physics underlying not only the placement of ancient structures such as The Great Pyramid and Stonehenge, but also modern military-intelligence facilities; all with respect to the energetic Earth form. He has been able to demonstrate that modern covert powers have indeed reconstructed the ancient science of a lost civilization that existed prior to recorded history, and they are actively using it to enforce their agenda upon the world while disregarding the general will of the populace.

One of the most critical breakthroughs has been Keith’s definitive proof that nuclear weapons are resonance-based devices that can only be activated at certain points relative to the Earth using special celestial configurations (making use of the energetic influences of primarily the sun or moon) as resonant triggers to ensure proper detonation.  In essence, modern-day physicists have scientifically validated the ancient system called the Music of the Spheres.

Keith has also been able to demonstrate that the mechanism used to trigger nuclear weapons is exactly that which is responsible for the natural occurrence of earthquakes. His work reveals that earthquakes can be predicted with extreme accuracy years in advance, and that covert military forces around the globe are well aware of this knowledge.

Keith’s book, The Lost Age of High Knowledge, contains critical physical-mathematical proofs of how nuclear weapons and earthquakes are triggered–a massive reveal of highly classified information, and can be purchased on his website www.ancient-world-mysteries.com.


The Lost Secrets Of The Ancients


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