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Ross Hamilton

Born in 1948 on Long Island, New York, Ross Hamilton has lived in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area since the age of seven. Fascinated by American Indian history from childhood, Hamilton has devoted his life to bringing to light the lost history of the North American continent. He has worked with activist Vine Deloria Jr., the former executive director of the National Congress of American Indians; Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman; and Iroquois chief Jake Swamp. He frequently gives interviews on the subject of the star mounds, most recently on the History Channel show Ancient Aliens.

Beginning in the year 2000, author and investigator Ross Hamilton with a staff of eight researchers commenced the Tradition of Giants Project, uncovering over time many hundreds of accounts suggesting that a race of highly intelligent, physically robust people once lived throughout the eastern woodlands of the United States. The following year, Ross published the culmination of a 14-year study, The Mystery of the Serpent Mound, an illustrated guide to the Serpent Mound of Adams County, including its geometries, astronomies, and many similar mysteries from myth to measure, suggesting the effigy to be a site worthy of world-class recognition in spite of its being overlooked by researchers around the world.

In 2012, Ross published Star Mounds: Legacy of a Native American Mystery wherein he illustrates that every recorded major earthwork in the Ohio Valley was consigned a specific part of the night sky, so that when they are all placed together, they form a complete picture. Like a masterful jigsaw puzzle, the great works like the Newark and High Bank complexes, Fort Ancient, Fort Hill, Mound City, Serpent Mound and scores of others together form a grand sky painting unseen for many thousands of years. Featuring the great celestial houses along the path of the ecliptic line where the sun rises, at the center of this heavenly patchwork quilt lays the most sacred Serpent Mound, harbinger of all light, giver of life, and guardian of wisdom. What is remarkable about the Star Mounds is that their original creators, believed to have been a race of very tall people, were highly skilled in the arts and sciences of mathematics, geometry, geomancy, surveying, astronomy, and earth energy stewardship, combining them all seamlessly together signifying a great unity of purpose.

Ross will also discuss that purpose as a practical, hands-on approach to restoring a land-based spiritual science, harnessing the powers of Earth and Sky for the great alchemy synthesizing a new kind of energy destined to bring exceptionally long life expectancy, the gradual restoral of the magnetic field, and the end of pollution, poverty, and disease.


The Mystery Of The Great Serpent Mound

Star Mounds


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