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Robert S. Thomas

After college graduation, Robert Steven Thomas began his professional career as a commercial artist in Detroit, Michigan. He next engaged in fifteen years as a successful entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas, followed by twenty years as an executive with a Fortune 500 corporation. Mr. Thomas retired at sixty-two. During this time the author amassed a library of over thirteen-hundred nonfiction books on history, religion, philosophy and the modern sciences. After forty years of study as an amateur historian then four years in preparation and writing, the author has assembled an impressive work of history-revision. Through personal investigation, collaboration and research for answers to the most fundamental questions in life we each ask: Where do we come from? What is the purpose of life? What is mankind’s destiny? His efforts have resulted in both compelling and fresh new solutions. The author has built a rational, scientifically-supported case, which firmly establishes that Earth was visited and colonized by advanced aliens in remote history who co-inhabited Earth with our primitive ancestors. Modern man is a result of their historical presence and genetic enhancement. Mr. Thomas has gathered the most conclusive scientific evidence available to prove that ancient astronauts are the missing link in human evolution.

The evidence in support of the author’s premise in his first book Intelligent Intervention is rock solid. Though the first two-thirds of the book read like science fiction, it is anchored in verifiable, self-evident facts, which can be directly examined by even the most skeptical among us and still stand. The remainder of his first book is a vision for how wide-spread understanding and acceptance of this knowledge will serve to propel mankind to our next higher level of human evolution. It contains new concepts and thinking that will help the world resolve ongoing political, economic and religious differences.

Drawing from the pioneering work of researchers, Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, Mr. Thomas cross-referenced their most convincing evidence with the archeological, historic and scientific record for verification and support. This procedure resulted in stunning deductions which are corroborated by a wide array of sources including quantum physics, biology and modern genetic research. Understanding that these conclusions are not commonly accepted and will be provocative to most, the author has presented his case within the premise of the axiom: The implications of a new discovery are entirely irrelevant to its factual basis. Mr. Thomas is presently writing his second and third books, both to be released in 2013.



Alien Technology In Antiquity
Evidence Of Alien Intervention


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