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Thomas J. Nolan III

Dr. Thomas Nolan is a Renaissance man who has spent the last thirty-five years seeking a conscious connection with Oneness. He walks the middle path between the intellectual and intuitive realms. Dr. Nolan has earned a B.S. in Math and Chemistry, an M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry, and a PhD in Social Psychology of Health. He has over forty-five years of professional experiences as an engineer, chemist, college professor, manager, entrepreneur, counselor, and program consultant.

Dr. Nolan has further studies and training with the Rosicrucians, the School of Metaphysics, and The Gurdjieffian Movement. He has over thirty years experience as a lecturer, counselor, spiritual and psychic reader. He works with clients to help them identify patterns of sabotage and demonstrate methods that will help them resolve these patterns through building connections with the creator, themselves, and others.

Dr. Nolan has developed a new and innovative approach to solving current problems by combining the scientific and holistic models into a workable paradigm. He uses this paradigm to work with both individuals and organizations to reach practical and effective solutions.

Dr. Nolan has also developed the Path of the Holistic Warrior through which he seeks to achieve a balance between both sides of the brain by operating from the heart. He teaches this approach through lectures, workshops, and working with individuals one-on-one. He further assists participants in developing spiritually, by helping them to create lifestyles that are self-sufficient, not co-dependent.


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