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Eric Pearl
The Reconnection Continues
Eric Pearl, DC, founder of The Reconnection, has been featured in top media including  TheDr. Oz Show, The New York   Times  and   CNN. He has presented at leading venues including the United Nations  and  Madison Square Garden. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in 39 languages, has been endorsed by such notables as Deepak Chopra,  MD and   Wayne Dyer, PhD.


Philip Comella
The Collapse of Materialism
Philip Comella is a lawyer, visionary futurist, and host of the popular radio show Conversations Beyond Science and Religion, podcast at www.webtalkradio.net. His book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God, is a culmination of decades of work committed to developing a new and credible scientific paradigm to unify the physical world of science with the metaphysics of religion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Gabriel Roberts
The Roots Of Spritual Belief
Gabriel D. Roberts is a theological scholar, researcher and public speaker that specializes in discussions about the nature of perception and belief. After 27 years of passionate searching and study, Gabriel stepped away from his long held Christian faith to explore into a more expansive and fluid worldview. His latest book, The Quest For Gnosis explores the roots of belief, the power of the ecstatic state in one’s life.

Von Braschler
Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits
Von Braschler is a former newspaper and magazine editor. He writes and leads workshops in the areas of consciousness development, time, chakra healing, pet healing, and dream work. He is actively involved in organizing events for Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Wisdom, the Minneapolis branch of the international Theosophical Society.

Ellen Evert Hopman
Being Pagan: Druids, Wiccans, and Witches
Ellen Evert Hopman is a Master Herbalist and lay Homeopath who holds an M.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling. Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of a growing number of books. She has been a teacher of Herbalism since 1983 and of Druidism since 1990 and has co-lead tours to Celtic and Neolithic sites in Europe. She was the founder of The New England Druid Summit, a yearly gathering of Druids in New England.

Jennifer O'Neill
Energy Vampires
Spiritual teacher and best selling author Jennifer O'Neill is devoted to helping others learn how to live a happier life. She is the author of several books including Soul DNA, Inspirational Quotes, Keys To The Spirit World, The Pursuit of Happiness, and several other books scheduled to be released this year. Jennifer's teachings are most similar to Abraham Hicks, Eckhart Tolle's and Demartini.


Rick DeLano
The Principle
Rick DeLano has worked as a producer, executive producer, and financial consultant in the music and film industries for over twenty years. "The Principle" is the first documentary examination of the Copernican/cosmological Principle, and has generated a bit of controversy.


Brandon Herd
Ancient American Secrets Revealed
Brandon Herd is a US Army veteran with service in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has a Master’s degree in Psychology as well as a BS degree in Management. He has researched and reported on mysterious locations throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East. He is an instructor for the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff Officers School as well as a secondary education teacher.

Robert Salas
Have World Governments Conspired to Conceal UFO Activity?
Robert Salas is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and served seven years on active duty before separating from the Air Force in 1971. He earned a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and worked as a safety and reliability engineer for Martin-Marietta Aerospace and Rockwell International on Space Shuttle design proposals and Federal Aviation Administration as an aircraft structures certification engineer. Salas has been publicly speaking about his incident at UFO conferences, radio and television since 1996.

John Hogue
Nostradamus, Predictions & The Future
John Hogue, defines himself as a “Rogue” Scholar. He has traveled three times around the world studying meditation disciplines, reporting on new religious movements, cults, and compiling a reference of the world’s prophecies concerning the future of humankind in a new millennium. Considered the world authority on Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions, Hogue is critically acclaimed for his ability to cut through the social, religious, and nationalistic projections of prophets and their interpreters to find threads of insight they all share.

Laird Scranton
Is Sophisticated Science Coded In Early Symbols
Laird Scranton is an independent software designer from Albany, New York.  His degree is in English from Vassar College. He has lectured at Colgate University on two occasions to classes studying his books. He was invited to write three articles for Temple University's upcoming Encyclopedia of African Religion, and has a published article on Dogon cosmology in the April 2007 edition of Anthropology News, an academic journal produced by the University of Chicago.

Jonathan Gray
Secret History & Ancient Technology
International explorer, archaeologist and author, Jonathan has traveled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. He has penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally. More ...

Kenaz Filan
Voodoo, Black Magic, Curses & Psychic Attacks
After a decade of solitary service to the lwa (spirits of Haitian Vodou), in 2003 Kenaz Filan was initiated at Société la Belle Venus #2, a Vodou House in Brooklyn, New York. Kenaz is the author of “The Haitian Vodou Handbook”, “Vodou Love Magic” and the forthcoming “Drawing Down the Spirits” with Raven Kaldera. More ...

Dimitri Moraitis
Communing With The Divine
Dimitri Moraitis is cofounder and executive director of Spiritual Arts Institute. He is an accomplished teacher, healer and is coauthor of Karma And Reincarnation: Unlocking Your 800 Lives To Enlightenment, The Healing Power Of your Aura and Change Your Aura, Change Your Life .



David Rountree
Do Evil Ghosts Exist?
David Rountree began his research into the paranormal professionally in 1976, and has investigated cases scientifically from Rhode Island to Key West, Florida. David has experimented with both scientific as well as metaphysical techniques in his study of unexplained occurrences. In 1992 David formed a new organization, Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Information and Technology (S.P.I.R.I.T.), and began a long and painstaking process of collecting, building and focusing a battery of hi-tech instrumentation to concentrate onexperimentation to search for the cause of paranormal phenomena.

A.R. Roberts
The Anatomy of UFO Phenomena
A. R. Roberts was a musician in the 1960's and traveled the country with different groups, one of which appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in December, 1964. He later worked in the hotel industry before opening a photography studio. He became interested in UFO phenomena in 1954 while serving as a volunteer in the Ground Observer Corps. Roberts is now semi-retired and lives in Florida. More ...


Ken Elliott
Revolutionized Manifesting
Ken Elliott is an artist and writer living in Castle Rock Colorado. He is been on a dual track for over 25 years as an accomplished artist and as someone who has experienced and collected astonishing stories. Ken was uniquely and convincingly shown how to make changes in his life and in those of others. He enjoys passing this valuable information on to individuals and groups. More ...


Martha Decker
Paranormal Profiling
Martha Decker has been involved in investigating paranormal actively since 1999. She founded East Texas Paranormal in 2007 and is the lead investigator. Decker has professional experience as an investigator, criminally and civilly. She retired in 2007 from law enforcement and decided to delve into writing and photography. Decker currently works for the State as a special investigator. She is an area rep for the American Ghost Society. More ...

Nate Riddle
Texas UFO's
Nate Riddle studied anthropology and psychology while attending the University of North Texas where he had a focused interest on cultural studies, field methods, and folklore, in particular. His love of the unknown inspired him to share that passion and search for answers with readers, both believers and skeptics, to entertain as well as spur thought and conversation about these enduring mysteries. More ...

Nick Redfern
UFO's: Mysterious Murders, Suspicious Deaths , Bizarre Disappearances
Originally from England, Nick Redfern is the author of many books on UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, werewolves, the Loch Ness Monster, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, psychic powers, and Hollywood scandal. Nick writes regularly for the newsstand publications and He has appeared on countless televisions shows. More ...

Tobias Churton
Aleister Crowley: Poet, Painter, Writer and Magician
Tobias Churton is a world authority on Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Hermeticism and Rosicrucianism. Holding a Masters degree in Theology from Brasenose College, Oxford, Tobias is an Honorary Fellow of Exeter University and Faculty Lecturer in Western Esotericism. More ...

Alfred Lambremont Webre
Evidence Of Intelligent Civilizations In The Multiverse
Alfred Lambremont Webre is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School in international law and was a Fulbright Scholar in international economic integration in Uruguay. He has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas. Alfred is active with non-profit organizations concerned with peace, the environment, human rights and social justice, consciousness, and intelligent life in the Omniverse. More ...

Robert Thomas
Alien Technology In Antiquity
Drawing from the pioneering work of researchers, Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, Mr. Thomas cross-referenced their most convincing evidence with the archeological, historic and scientific record for verification and support. This procedure resulted in stunning deductions which are corroborated by a wide array of sources including quantum physics, biology and modern genetic research. More ...

Andrew Collins
The Secrets Of Göbekli Tepe Revealed Andrew Collins is a historical writer and explorer living in the United Kingdom. He is the author of more than a dozen books that challenge the way we perceive the past. Andrew’s latest book Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods is the culmination of twenty years’ study of the origins of the Watchers and Nephilim of the book of Enoch, and the Anunnaki of Sumerian myth and legend. More ...


Cynthia Sue Larson
Quantum Jumps: Quantum Effects Do Occur
Cynthia Sue Larson is known as "The Quantum Optimist," Cynthia's books guide people to discover their many possible selves and jump into their favorite lives. Cynthia has a degree in Physics, an MBA degree, and a Doctor of Divinity, and she has been featured in numerous TV and radio shows including the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and BBC. More ...

Kathryn Andries
Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose
Kathryn Andries is a teacher, speaker and author. Her books include SoulChoices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed, The Dream Doctor, The Big Desire, Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Fulfilling Relationships, and co- author of Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery. She is the producer of the video Inside the California Missions. She is the co-founder of the School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences, where she lectures and teaches extensively on the life purpose method. More ...

Keith Anthony Blanchard
Communicating With Your Spirit Guides
In his late twenties, Keith went through a crisis that stripped him of everything he held dear and left him with no choice but to turn inward for answers. This he did, but the peace and stability he so wanted still eluded him. When he was thirty-two, celestial beings began to appear to him, sharing glimpses of his future and the world's. Not only did they enlighten and guide him, they instructed him to pass their message on to others so that they, too, could learn a higher way of living. Now fifty and living a peaceful, stable life, Keith continues to pursue his passion to both learn and teach about Truth. More ...

Ahmed Osman
The Lost City Of Exodus
Ahmed Osman is an Egyptologist, who was born in Cairo in 1934 and has been living in London since1965. He studied law at Ein Shams University and worked as a journalist at Akhbar el Yom, before moving to Britain in the early sixties to further his research and studies. In his work, he has set out to demonstrate that the roots of Western religious beliefs lie, not in the land of Palestine, but in Egypt. More ...


Shelly Wilson
Journey into Consciousness
Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. With respect, truth, integrity and love, Shelly honors your free will and recognizes that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe. Shelly's books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness, are now available in paperback and all electronic formats. Her courses, Stop Existing and Start Living! and Opening Your Heart to Love are available through the DailyOM. More ...

Uri Geller
One-on-One With Uri Geller
Uri Geller is one of the world's most investigated and celebrated mystifiers. Famous around the globe for his mind-bending abilities, he has led a unique life shrouded in debate, controversy and mystery. He is also related to Sigmund Freud. More ...



Cash Peters
Does Your Life Matter?
Cash Peters is an award-winning author and journalist. He is also a naturally gifted handwriting analyst who, almost twenty years ago, discovered that he had an amazing and significant talent for perceiving other people's energy through their writing and then channeling an interpretation of that energy. More ...


Nicholas E. Brink
The Power Of Norse Shamanism
Nicholas E. Brink, Ph.D., is a psychologist who has maintained a private clinical practice since 1977. He is also the author of the 2002 book, Grendel and His Mother: Healing the Traumas of Childhood Through Dreams, Imagery and Hypnosis. A certified teacher of ecstatic trance with the Felicitas Goodman Institute, he lives in Coburn, Pennsylvania. More ...


M.J. Ryan
How to Survive Change You Didn't' Ask For Best-selling author M.J. Ryan is one of the creators of the Random Acts of Kindness series and the author of How to Survive Change You Didn’t Ask For, This Year I Will…How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution, or Make a Dream Come True, Attitudes of Gratitude, 365 Happiness Boosters, and many other books. She works as a coach to individuals and teams around the world. More ...


Ted Peters
Are UFO Pictures Actually God's Chariots?
Ted Peters is the author of UFOs—God’s Chariots?, first published in 1977 with a 2014 2nd edition published by New Page Books. Its penetrating cultural analysis of the UFO phenomenon remains definitive for understanding the significance of ETI for politics, science, and religion. He teaches systematic theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. More ...

Maria Wheatley
Terrestrial Energies To Celestial Influences Maria Wheatley is a writer, dowser and researcher of earth mysteries specializing in the geodetic system of earth energies and ley lines. She organizes regular tours of sacred sites and medieval churches and cathedrals in the South West of England to locate and interact with the monument’s hidden energies. She has appeared on the History Channel, BBC radio and has lectured for the British Society of Dowsers. More ...

Gregory Sams
Breaking News: Why Isn't Politics Working?
Author and Cultural Change Agent Gregory Sams opened the very first natural food shop & restaurant in London in the late 1960s. He hung out with John Lennon & Yoko Ono and created and then sold the now famous Vegeburger. More ...



Quantum Physics, Morphogenetic Resonance & Society
Since childhood HermanSJr. has been an autodidact and avid problem solver. He uses this practice everyday in his personal life, as well as his professional life. He is a believer in pure energy, in an entity/field that has evaded most people's search and understanding. He is an avid researcher of truth, reality and human potential. His research consists of him using General Systems Theory to investigate debilitating individual and societal problems while using a multitude of scientific principles to remove these obstacles that stifle human potential. More ...

Paul D. Burley

Ancient Archaeological Site Of StoneHenge
Paul D. Burley is an engineer and environmental geologist who has researched world mythology, pictographic and architectural symbolism, and sacred landscapes expressing spiritual traditions around the world. His journey to understand the meaning of Native American medicine wheels led him to study sacred symbolism exhibited by cultures over tens of thousands of years. His analysis of that symbolism has resulted in a new understanding of the sacred lifeway of ancient and indigenous peoples. More ...

Brandy Herr

The Ghosts Of Granbury
Brandy Herr is the co-founder of the Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour and the annual Granbury Paranormal Expo. She is a member of Research and Investigation of the Paranormal and has participated in several ghost hunt investigations in the Granbury area.  Born in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, Brandy attended the Pennsylvania State University where she received her Bachelor's degree in public relations. More ...

Robert D. Morningstar
UFO's, Government Cover-up & The Soul
Robert D. Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City. He is a specialist in photo interpretation, analysis and computer imaging, and Associate Editor of UFO Digest Magazine. Robert has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 40 years and has published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception in the JFK Assassination and the use of 'Disinformation Technology' in suppressing evidence of extraterrestrial life. More ...

Richard Alan Miller
Alternative Agriculture
Dr. Richard Alan Miller is a pioneer in the annals of metaphysical and paranormal exploration. Miller began working in the "X-Files" world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s. His public collaborations and research continue. His past and current writings and presentations reveal a depth of knowledge and practical experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, New Age Physics, and Metaphysics. More ...

Steven & Evan Strong
Forgotten Origin: A New Theory Of Human Civilization
Steven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, historian, author and former high school teacher with a background in archaeology. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the NSW Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful “Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit”. More ...

Paul Von Ward
Children of a Living Universe
An interdisciplinary cosmologist and independent scholar, Paul is internationally known for the hypothesis of an AB (advanced beings) intervention in human development; his theory of natural spirituality in an evolving, self-learning universe; and research on the survival of a personal soul-genome. Paul's research on five continents keep his provocative publications grounded in emerging science and credible human experience. More ...

Daniel Unterbrink
Is Jesus of Nazareth A Literary Creation
Daniel Unterbrink published his first book, entitled Judas the Galilean. This book set forth the theory that the historical “Jesus” was not the Gospel Jesus of Nazareth but rather a man of history: Judas the Galilean. He followed that up with two other books, New Testament Lies and The Three Messiahs, which strengthened his argument based upon more historical data. His new book, Judas of Nazareth, adds significant insights into the formation of the Gospel story. More ...

Dennis Stone
The Mystery Of Stonehenge: America's Stonehenge
Dennis Stone grew up at America’s Stonehenge and has been involved with the site for the last 55 years, and has met a variety of researchers. Also a full-time airline captain, Dennis has traveled extensively around the world to other ancient sites in Europe and North America. He has been on numerous television and radio shows since 1970. When he is not flying, Dennis spends his time at America’s Stonehenge where his wife Pat manages the day-to-day operations of the site. Their son, Kelsey, who is an engineer, has taken an interest in ongoing research. More ...

Marshall Barnes
Time Machines & Time Travel
Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng is a man with a unique place in the world. With a thirty year background doing advanced concept work in multiple fields, he is now the lone person in the world with both the technology for warp drive and potential time travel. He beat Stephen Hawking in a 2008 bet over the Higgs Boson, defeated Dr. Ronald Mallett in a race to build the world's first time machine - with his Verdrehung Fan(TM), was able to establish the viability of his warp drive technology at the 100 Year Starship Symposium last year. More ...


Jordan Hofer
The Evolution Of The Little Gray Aliens
Jordan Hofer is a MUFON Research Specialist in Anthropology and author. Though Jordan has never seen a UFO himself, he has many friends who have, and he believes the evidence for UFOs and the Grays compelling enough to accept their existence. Jordan Hofer taught human evolution at university for seven years before the recession forced budget cuts in his department and he was laid off due to lack of funds. In addition to being a ufologist, Jordan is also an evolutionist and strict classical Darwinist. More ...

Chris Hardy
The Genetic Engineering Of The Annunaki Gods
Cognitive and systems scientist, PhD in psychological anthropology and ex-researcher at Princeton’s Psychophysical Research Laboratories, Chris H. Hardy has spent the last two decades investigating nonlocal consciousness and thought-provoking mind potentials. Author of more than fifty papers and about fifteen books, she is a member of several scientific societies based in the US, exploring system theory, chaos theory, parapsychology, and consciousness studies. More ...

Jeffery Pritchett
Andy Colvin
The Secret Life Of Bigfoot

Jeffery Pritchett
Jeffery Pritchett has a Bachelors in Communications Science. Jeffery is also the host of the paranormal and esoteric The Church of Mabus radio show. As well as writing for Examiner and Before Its News and New Dawn Magazine. He was originally born in Georgia and now lives in Florida. More ...

Andy Colvin
Andy Colvin is an eclectic artist, filmmaker, writer, musician, and media commentator who has been called "his generation's Charles Fort," the "Sherlock Holmes of synchro-conspiracy," and "one of America's great, pain-in-the-butt original thinkers." Colvin is considered by some to be the world's foremost authority on the mysterious "Mothman" phenomenon, due to his early experiences with the phenomenon and his intensive audovisual documentation of symbols and synchronicities. More ...


Marie D. Jones
Mythology: History Hidden In Plain Sight
Marie D. Jones is a best selling author, radio host, public speaker and screenwriter. She has been on hundreds of radio shows and appeared on the History Channel’s “Nostradamus Effect” series. She is also the host of her own radio show, ParaFringe Radio with Larry Flaxman, and co-hosts the popular Dreamland Radio show. More ...


Susan Shumsky
The Power Of The Aura
Dr. Susan Shumsky, award-winning author of 8 best-selling books, foremost spirituality expert, and highly-acclaimed and greatly respected professional speaker, has over 45 years experience as an educator in the consciousness field. Dr. Shumsky is the founder of Divine Revelation, a complete technology for contacting the divine presence and listening to the inner voice. More ...

John Shaughnessy
Pyramid Power: Ancient Energy Technology
John Shaughnessy author, inventor and a life long independent researcher on lost ancient technology, who recently discovered that all large pyramids are in alignment with volcano’s for the purpose of geoengineering one of the largest still active being Giza and the Hawaiian hot spot thus a new theory emerges on how gravity works between mass above the ellipsoid, expressed as Amc^2/db=S described in his new book, Pyramid Gravity Force.  More ...

Don Donderi
Science, Politics, and UFOs
Research scientist Don Donderi co-founded a Toronto-based ergonomics consulting company and has carried out applied research and development projects for private and government clients on topics including flight instrumentation, flight simulation, marine navigation in ocean and arctic environments, nuclear safety and chemical process engineering. His entire career has been in the mainstream of science and engineering. More ...

Craig Woolheater
Finding BigFoot & Other Cryptid Creatures
Craig Woolheater is the Co-Founder at CryptoQuest, Owner/ President at Cryptomundo and Co-Founder at Texas Bigfoot Research Center. More ...



Robert Bauval
The Vatican Heresy
Egyptologist Robert Bauval, who is credited with the theory that the pyramids align with the constellation of Orion is a well known and respected Egyptologist in the field. He is the author of Keeper of Genesis, Secret Chamber, Talisman, The Egypt Code, Black Genesis, Breaking the Mirror of Heaven, The Master Game, Imhotep the African and The Vatican Heresy. He has also appeared on most National and International television channels including ABC, NBC and the History Channel. More ...

Stephen Knapp
The Secret Teachings of the Vedas
Stephen Knapp grew up in a Christian family, during which time he seriously studied the Bible to understand its teachings. In his late teenage years, however, he sought answers to questions not easily explained in Christian theology. So, he began to search through other religions and philosophies from around the world and started to find the answers for which he was looking. Stephen has written numerous books on various aspects of the spiritual tradition of India. More ...

Varla Ventura
Are Mermaids Real?
Varla Ventura is the author of The Book of the Bizarre, Beyond Bizarre, Among the Mermaids, and Banshees, Werewolves, Vampires, and Other Creatures of the Night. She is also the curator of the Weiser Magical Creatures and Paranormal Parlor series of e-books. When not burning the midnight oil writing about bizarre trivia and supernatural creatures, she can be found roaming the beaches of San Francisco, cavorting with pirates, and hunting for shipwrecks. More ...

Carl Helvie
Alternative Health Approaches To Chronic Illnesses
Dr Carl O. Helvie is a registered nurse, with two masters and a doctorate in public health and wellness and 60 years experience as a nurse practitioner, educator, author, and researcher. Dr Helvie is also a 38-year lung cancer survivor who was given 6 months to live by conventional medicine. His story and what he has done since to prevent recurrence is included in You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions. More ...

James Carman
Alien Contact & The Government Cover-up
James Carmen works as a cinematographer and photographer. He is based in the states but works all over the world. He has shot four features by Bruce la Bruce, two films by Ela Troyano, along with others by John Cafiero, Tim Kirkman, and Isabelle Stever, along with many documentaries and commercials. More ...


Avery Morrow
Lost Chronicles of Ancient Japan
Avery Morrow is a graduate student with an interest in the perennial tradition and Japanese esotericism. He spent three years in Japan working as an assistant to the well-known Shintoist Shin'ichi Nakaya, visiting ancient sacred sites, and teaching English. His first book, "The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan", examines legends of the Golden Age when gods and people interacted. More ...

Mike Bara

Ancient Aliens On Mars?
Mike Bara is a New York Times Bestselling author and lecturer. He began his writing career after spending more than 25 years as an engineering consultant for major aerospace companies, where he was a card-carrying member of the Military/Industrial complex.Mike has made numerous public appearances lecturing on the subjects of space science, NASA, physics and the link between science and spirit, and has been a featured guest on programs like Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Ancient Aliens and America’s Book of Secrets. More ...

Jonathan Goldman
Using The Energy Of Sound & Music
To Heal the Soul

An internationally acknowledge Master Teacher, Jonathan facilitates Healing Sounds Seminars at universities, hospitals, holistic health centers and expos throughout the United States and Europe. He has appeared on national television and radio, including Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast AM” and has been featured in national periodicals including “USA Today” and “The New York Times”. His annual Healing Sounds Intensive attracts participants from throughout the world. More ...

Robbie Holz
Secrets Of Alternative Medicine: Aboriginal Healing
Robbie Holz is a consultant for body/mind/spirit wellness, a charismatic speaker and a multiple award-winning author. She travels widely teaching the powerful healing techniques and philosophies that she has practiced personally. She is passionately committed to teaching their ancient wisdom to awaken the powerful healer and creator within each of us. More ...

Edward F. Malkowski
Will The New World Order Create A Golden Age Here On Earth?
Edward F. Malkowski has a lifelong interest in ancient history with a special interest in the rise of civilization, philosophy, and the development of ancient religious beliefs. With the opinion that the ancient biblical stories in Genesis were based on historical events, during the late 1990's he began investigating the possible archeological and historical evidence that inspired the earliest mythologies found in the biblical Genesis. Malkowski now explains ancient history in the light of today’s economic reality in Return of the Golden Age: Ancient History and the Key to Our Collective Future. More ...

Larry Flaxman

The Invisible Grid Of Multidimensional Existence
Larry Flaxman is an author and researcher on a mission to inform, empower, and entertain those fascinated by the paranormal. Best-selling author of seven books.  Larry continues to write ground-breaking books on cutting-edge research that have readers, researchers, and reviewers open-mouthed in disbelief of the truth as it’s presented to them. More ...

Rev. Michael Carter
Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible
Michael  is an ordained interfaith minister and received his BA Degree in Letters from the College of New Rochelle where he graduated cum laude. He received his Masters In Divinity Degree from  Union Theological Seminary in New York City (class of 2000). He has served as a staff chaplain (Board Certified) at Lenox Hill Hospital, Beth Israel Hospital, Beth Israel Cancer Center, Methodist Hospital, and New York Hospital Queens while residing in New York City. More ...

Debra Clement
2014: Your Year Ahead
Debra Clement is an internationally known astrologer with more than 20 years of professional experience counseling clients from all walks of life. In addition to offering private consultations, Debra publishes an astrology blog, teaches online astrology classes and is the host of Anchored in Astrology, a popular weekly internet radio program that airs live every Sunday at 9:00 AM Pacific /12:00 Noon and can be heard anytime via podcast. More ...




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